A Twisted Life/Love of Experiences

Made to feel valued, and within a minute it changed to gross devalue; I played for keeps and ended up played.

The most difficult-to-accept reality in life is the one that forces us to learn from negative experiences. The irony of it all, the easy and fun moments are allowed to roll on and on, unimcumbered, potentially teaching us nothing, while the dread of the heavy and negative experiences are hidden, denied, ignored, and so on, until forced to accept the eventual benefit they will yield. 

An undeniable disposition of universal truth is that for better or worse, negative experiences of varying severity will enter your life. They say that power is in the response, but what does one do when the hits keep on coming? At some point it feels like the right thing to do is throw our hands into the air and scream at the top of our lungs, “enough is enough.” If growth comes through experience and learning through failures is a truth, does it mean that the more experiences we have the better off we are? Even if many of those experiences cause constant disappointment and pain? 

Isn’t it a contradiction to believe that we grow through our experiences and are made stronger by them, but the more we sometimes experience, the more we lose and the further we are set back? And if those experiences continue to set us back, when the hell do we choose to stop accepting?

While there may be many universal truths, here are two that I know for certain. First, no one gets out of life alive. Second, the greatest currency you have in this world is your time, and once you spend it, you never get it back. So, it stands to say that we all need to find the line on which to balance between investing into our experiences and giving so much cost that our only lesson is regret.

I’m not a scientific person; I know about as much as the average person. But I am aware of the concept of time and know that life offers only a limited amount of it. There isn’t enough time to sort out the experiences, so at some point we just have to let that guard down and experience what life presents us. My advice is to let go of fear, of panic, of paranoia, and of negativity. The time you spend here has more than enough lessons to give you, without you having to ask for them, so I’d be choosy of who or what you invite into your world and ask to teach you a thing or two. Let the experiences happen to you, but don’t be the negative experience in someone’s life.

If you love someone, really love them. If you’re supposed to be there for someone, be there for them always. If someone depends on you, prove them right for doing so. But if they want a life without you, walk away. 

Until the next time and next topic, be happy


Author: erichrallen

A pragmatic individual at core, I try to remain as grounded as possible in all things. Two aspects of my life that I have learned to foster and cultivate over time are balance and moderation. I believe the keys to solid relationships are the abilities to listen, communicate, respect, and take action to make things right. I'm a 37-year-old North Easterner, settled in Delaware, working as a professional, and maintaining a relationship and entrepreneurship together. Find me on LinkedIn

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