Deconstructing the Idea of Life in a Glass

“We are walking billboards to what is going on inside the mind, and when people don’t know or understand the contents of what is within us, they judge us by what we put out.”

it  sure does begin in our minds..and not only for addictions... you can also include insecurities, low self esteem and trust issues ... thats a big one it affeced my relationship with the most beautiful woman in the world...and please i didn't say any of this to offend anyone..XO

Glass half empty or glass half full, who cares. I’ve heard it all about optimists and pessimists, and still the idea of stigmatizing people in such a way is distasteful. I’m of the opinion that all people are optimists, but for some reason that disposition becomes broken and lost in translation.

No one ever labels themselves as a glass, or level within. Why, because it is not something we use to describe ourselves; we use it to identify the character of others. This alone eludes to the idea that we all view ourselves in a positive light. But why? Because no one wants to/decides to be negative. It’s always better for you when everyone else is negative; when they are the ones with problems.

We all know what the reality is. We know that not everyone has this idea of seeing the good in things, or is able to contribute a more positive outlook when things fail to go according to plan. The truth is, negativity exists. It will exist in you and it will exist in others, it is a thing. What it is not, is a permanent condition. Negativity comes in waves or in moments, it’s not sustaining. You know that about yourself, but see it differently in others.

Give up the labels. You are what you are, an emotional being with ups and downs. However, when we fail to arrive at that factual conclusion, and stick to identifying ourselves and others as being one half of the glass versus another, we cease to understand what we truly are.

Feng Shui To Change Your Habits In A Way That Sticks | The Tao of Dana

A psychological concept created to identify one group versus another, it is flawed. You (we) are all only one group, just displaying temporary conditions. The problem is that we fail to translate what we are to the world, and therefore become quickly misunderstood. We are walking billboards to what is going on inside the mind, and when people don’t know and understand the contents of what is within us, they judge us by what we put out.

We aren’t always negative, we have negative moments. We aren’t always angry, we are temporarily incapable of overcoming a debilitating thought. We aren’t grumpy, we are unknown. We aren’t sad, we are just coping. We aren’t so many things, but when we are just one thing, we are grouped, labeled, or misinterpreted.

Think. Stop and think about what you are putting out there. More important, think about what you don’t know about others who are putting something out there on display. Give up the idea of being this or that, and just know that we are always positive, but are occasionally dealing with a distraction.

It’s something to think about. Until the next time and next topic, be happy.


Author: erichrallen

A pragmatic individual at core, I try to remain as grounded as possible in all things. Two aspects of my life that I have learned to foster and cultivate over time are balance and moderation. I believe the keys to solid relationships are the abilities to listen, communicate, respect, and take action to make things right. I'm a 37-year-old North Easterner, settled in Delaware, working as a professional, and maintaining a relationship and entrepreneurship together. Find me on LinkedIn

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