My First One

Today is a brand new day. Today I am embarking on a new path in life, and will take several steps to bring the next chapter towards me. Starting a blog was something that I have been tossing around in my head for some time, yet today, of all days, I took the steps to make it happen.┬áIn setting up this page, I wanted to put my best foot forward and try to connect from the very first moment. The picture seen below must have been destined to be here, because it puts everything into context, without saying a single word. It’s says that there is life, when all you have felt for a while was this drowning and black sensation.

My name is Erich and I, like many of you, am a pretty typical person, caught up in the world and my head. Why create a blog titled Killing your Self? What typical person would have the mindset to promote such a title and try to reach out to the world with it as their banner? Well,…this typical person would. Like the picture, I am emerging from a life of suffocation. I would like to say that I am pretty ordinary, yet considering the things that I have experienced in this short 37 years, I am in fact everything short of ordinary.

On the surface, I am (as I mentioned) a 37 year old, with a decent education, a good job, a house, car, and reasonable amount of talent and ambition. But beneath the surface there is a lifetime of experience, having endured a youth of physical and emotional abuse, having gone through several heart breaks, endured the loss of loved ones, served multiple combat tours, and so much more. My life though, is not exceptional, it is just full of life.

I can and will use this blog as my outlet, in hopes of creating that new path for myself, as well as steering anyone I can in the direction. Should you find yourself reading this with curiosity, let me tell you, we are going to find that end state, and then we are going to go further than that. This is the Kill you Self blog, and through it, we will shed the excess layers of negativity and push on to become what you and I are meant to be in this life; and that is successful.

Let’s get started…