Why Can’t I Remember Fireworks

“It took me this long to understand that I cannot remember every beautiful moment in this life of mine, just like you cannot remember yours either.”


Last night, on the banks of the Christiana River in Wilmington, Delaware, I sat in the moist evening grass, gazing at the magnificence of the firework spectacle in front of me. As I tried to appreciate the beauty, I continued to get lost in my head; my thoughts continuously producing the same words over and over. I thought, “why can’t I ever remember how fireworks look?” Generally speaking, I can, but just generally.

I’ve been there before, so many events in my past where I remember the event in a general sense, I remember that there were fireworks, but for a reason unknown to me, I don’t remember the details of the colorful sparkling streams and thundering explosions. Why? Could it be that the shutter speed of a magnificent brain is too slow to process mere fragments of time? Could it be that the sight of something so beautiful lasts only long enough for you to know that it existed, yet not enough to give you detail?

Last night meant more to me than just fireworks and a celebration of independence. It was a a feeling of soulful depth and extreme insight into the predisposed human condition. It took me this long to understand that I cannot remember every beautiful moment in this life of mine, just like you cannot remember yours either. Yet, there are some moments that we so easily recall, without effort.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could wash away the bad and mediocre memories, and replace them with a 3-second long clip of a bursting firework? Our mind chooses to hold onto thoughts when we tell it, and the rest it decides on its own. I never remember the details of the firework shows of my past, but my conscious effort last night has what I saw burned into my brain, and I hope permanently. There was nothing like the pounding finale that I saw.

The lesson here is to remember is that we can in fact choose to accept a permanence of wonderful moments. We can hold onto the good, just as easily as we can the bad. The how is by making an effort to focus on that moment. It isn’t enough to see it, you have to see and hold on to it. Try to do this more with the good ones and less with the bad. Change your mind and you can change your life!

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Until the next time and next topic, be happy


Let Go of Expectation, Enjoy the Moment

“Give up the control, it isn’t necessary to be on top of everything in your life”

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#firefly2017, is what the billboards read. Post it, tag it, support it, and just keep rolling with it.

It was the first time that I attended a true fest in the past 15 years, and just like I remember, it was a terrific experience. Sprawled across the woodland and grassy terrain of the nearby Dover International Speedway in Delaware, the fest was both alluring and overwhelming; a restorative event for the soul.

It began as a cloudy and muggy day, but before long an endless white ceiling gave way to the blistering sun. However intense it was, the unshakable and inescapable heat would not compete with the will of thousands, who gathered to feed their souls with inspiration and energy. No matter where one stood, eyes stared towards the music, while our necks faced the blistering sun. I stood beside my love and cheered the waves of performers and torrent of positive energy.

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In between sets, there seemed to be a repetitive flow of thousands of travelling bodies, all headed towards the food, water, and cold beer. Hordes of music-goers spent the down times soaking up limited shade across the property, while lines doubled or tripled in length, and tents over-crowded quickly. Yet, regardless of heat, expensive beer, underwhelming cuisine options, and sickening portable toilets, not once did I witness a sour face, an angry attendee, or overhear an argument. Everyone knew what they were there to experience, there was no confusion about that.

It was nothing but positive energy and smiles across the board. Sure, my experience was my own (well, mine and the beautiful woman by my side), and some likely saw a completely different side to the event. But therein lies the concept of attitude. Going into anything with unreasonable expectations, negativity, or a demanding complex, the event will yield similar feedback. Our experience was so pleasant because the only thing that we went there with was an open mind and zero expectations. We let the fest show us what it was made of, and it did not disappoint.

Things are different today, and life has shown me that sometimes the best thing that you can do is slow your thoughts and just let the moment be what it is. It’s not a thought that I was equipped with as a younger man. I let the crowds frustrate, the costs run me out of money, and the sun de-energize me, until I was ready to go home. It seems that I have outgrown the impatience, the intolerance, and the expectations. There is the key to happiness in almost anything.

We need to understand in life that sometimes it is better to relinquish control, and let life guide us through the moments. Give up the control, it isn’t necessary to be on top of everything in your life. Become a yes man or a yes woman, and understand that strength is not always represented by ensured outcomes. When we understand that our potential happiness can come to us easier in our moments when control is relinquished, versus trying to force the result, growth will gained in leaps. Be happy, let go of expectations sometimes; especially when you see that the alternative provides nothing.


On a final note, my vote for best performance of Saturday (hands down) The Weeknd!

Until the next time and next topic, be happy.